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Cities Celebrating Fourth of July with Drones Instead of Fireworks

Cities across the country are ditching fireworks and opting for a more environmentally friendly patriotic celebration with a drone light show.

“As temperatures rise and fire danger increases, we must be conscientious of both our air quality and the potential for wildfires,” Mendenhall said in a press release. “The summer holiday shows are a mainstay for Salt Lakers and we’re excited about adapting to new technology which will provide a safe alternative for our residents and visitors.”

The city of Boulder stated in a Facebook post the decision to switch is based on fire concerns and climate change. Colorado is currently facing an active wildfire with 1,000 acres burned in Las Animas County, the Denver Gazette reported.

Officials in Castle Rock, Colorado, made the switch to drone shows last year due to wildfire concerns, according to Carrie Mahan Groce, a spokesperson for Castle Rock

“Based upon the fire chief’s review, the town no longer has an area large enough to accommodate not only the safe discharge of aerial fireworks but also allow maximum viewing in Castle Rock during the summer months,” Groce said.

Unlike fireworks, drones can be reused and can fly in hundreds of shows before ever requiring maintenance.

Ocean Beach and La Jolla, both in San Diego County in California, are also celebrating Independence Day for the first with drones.

La Jolla has been without a fireworks show for the past five years, according to Jeff Stein, who runs California-based Drone Studios.

“Drones can be reused, while fireworks produce smoke and other debris. The noise also stresses dogs and those with PTSD. He said that there are many military personnel in San Diego.

Chicago also opted for a drone show this year, fearling loud explosions will trigger PTSD or memories from last year’s mass shooting during the city’s Fourth of July parade, WestWorld reported.

Drones only buzz and don’t have the potential to burst your eardrum like fireworks do. Fireworks can also create aerial animation, something that fireworks just can’t do.

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