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‘Chunky’ Cat Refuses to Eat New Science-Based Food to Help Her Lose Weight

Cats are much smarter than we think, especially when it comes to their food. One cat recently left the internet in stitches after refusing to eat a different brand.

In a funny video shared by @cleoclippedyou, Cleo, the tuxedo cat, 5, can be seen using her paw to remove the cat food from her bowl onto the floor.

The on-screen text explains the situation: “When your mom switches from Fancy Feast to Hills Science Diet.”

Her owner, Gabriella Cohen, 31, from New York, told Newsweek: “We tried switching because she became obsessed with Fancy Feast dry food and kept begging for it over her wet food.”

Cohen explained the reason behind the diet.

“I felt as though she was getting a little chunky,” she said. “I wanted to opt for a healthier option, but now she’s back on Fancy Feast as she refused to eat the other food.”

Cleo refused to eat the new food for two weeks, so now her owner feeds her dry food in moderation.

How to Transition Your Cat to a New Food

Newsweek reached out to Zoe Willingham, an animal behaviorist who owns 51 cats. She gave five tips to owners looking to change their pet’s diet.

“Cats are very fussy about their food,” Willingham explained. “The slightest change to a flavor, texture, look or smell can be enough for a full protest from our feline friends.”

  1. Mix a small percentage of the new food with the old and gradually increase over 10 days until all or lost is the new food.
  2. If you’re changing from dry to wet or wet to dry, consider what your cat has been exposed to as a kitten. Cats are imprint eaters, which means they eat what’s provided by their mother, e.g. you. If you expose your kitten to both wet and dried food, it will accept them both. Cats that have been raised on a particular type of food tend to prefer it.
  3. Be consistent. Don’t keep chopping and changing on a whim. Cats will play this game if they believe they’ll get better choices. They are very good at holding out for the good stuff.
  4. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat. Do you think your cat is getting enough meat in its diet? Is the diet good enough quality?
  5. Try introducing new foods through fun games where they get to chase and grab their food. This will make the new food even more fun.

The clip captioned “She’s not a fan” has racked up 798,100 likes since it was shared on August 25. It has also racked up more than 2,550 comments and 69,800 likes.

One user’s comment said: “My vet says fancy feast is the McDonald’s of cat food. That’s why they love it.”

“She said ‘this must be something to play with because it’s definitely not food'” commented another person.

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