Behold the ‘most ridiculously detailed’ photo of the Moon you’ve ever seen

Behold the ‘most ridiculously detailed’ photo of the Moon you’ve ever seen

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy continues to deliver some of the most spectacular photographs of stellar objects we’ve ever seen. McCarthy (@cosmic_background) is an Instagram user who has a great eye for photographing the sky. And now, that eye has paid off once more with the most detailed photo of the Moon you’ve ever seen.

The amount of detail in this photo of the Moon is mind-blowing

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McCarthy shared the photos on Instagram this week. McCarthy says he teamed up with astrophotographer @cosmic.speck on Instagram to create the most detailed photo of the Moon.

The images are titled “The Hunt for Artemis,” and McCarthy says they named it in honor of the imminent Artemis 1 mission which will take NASA’s Orion capsule to the Moon. It’s the first time that NASA has actively worked towards a manned mission to the Moon since the Apollo program in the 1970s.

This ridiculously detailed photo of the Moon is also available as a limited-edition print on McCarthy’s website. However, prints are selling out fast, so you may want to hurry if you want to show off the sheer beauty of this shot on your wall. It’s always amazing to see what astrophotographers are capable of capturing.

This photo is yet another testament to these astrophotographers’ talent and capability. This photo is also an example of the beauty celestial objects such as our Moon can offer. Check out the full image for all the details on McCarthy’s Instagram page.

When Artemis III takes humans to the Moon in the future, photos like this amazingly detailed photo of the Moon will have even more meaning. That’s because we’ll finally put boots on the lunar surface again for the first time in 50 years, marking yet another major achievement for humankind.

This will not only mark another major achievement for humanity, but it will also open up a new age of space exploration. An era that will hopefully include the first manned mission to Mars and more iconic achievements.

As I said, McCarthy’s super-detailed Moon photo isn’t the only one that has captivated skywatchers. You may also want to check out previous photos he has released, like this extremely detailed photo of our Sun.

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