5 planets will align in June: When and where to see the rare and spectacular sight

5 planets will align in June: When and where to see the rare and spectacular sight

The skies are giving us a rare and stunning sight this month, as a five-planet planetary parade will be visible in June of 2022. The parade of planets will include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, all in that order. They’ll be visible throughout the sky from lower in the east to higher in the south.

Here’s when to see the June planetary parade

The June planetary parade will be visible starting early in the month, according to Sky and Telescope. The parade will continue throughout the month, with the five planets moving a bit closer each day.

You could have gotten your first glimpse of the parade starting on June 3 and 4. Those two mornings, the planets would have been visible with a span of 91 degrees. These mornings also saw Mercury’s separation from Saturn at its lowest.

The June planetary parade is still visible for the month. However, the best day to get a look at things will come on June 24. That morning, the lineup will be even more compelling thanks to a waning crescent Moon positioned between Mars and Venus.

Although the planets may spread further once the parade has reached this stage, it will still be an amazing sight.

Ultimately, your best bet for viewing this parade is to head out early in the morning, before the Sun is too high in the sky. As the Sun rises higher, the light from its rays will wash out the visibility of certain planets, such as Mercury. You may still be able to see some of the others, but you won’t get the full effect.

The first of its kind since 2004

But what makes this June planetary parade so special is the fact that we haven’t seen one of its kind since 2004. Sure, we’ve reported on planetary parades, and they aren’t that rare a sight on their own. But it’s very rare for us to see one that includes five separate planets.

As such, sky watchers should take advantage of the opportunity this month. We don’t know when the next similar parade will take place. To get the best out of the June planetary parade, you will need to go outside as soon as the Sun rises above the horizon. You can also use your naked eyes to look at the planets.

You should then be able to spot the five planets as they make their way into the sky, starting with Mercury, then moving on to Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. We saw a similar parade back in April, though it didn’t include five planets at once.

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