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Science that affects you!

(Volume 3, Issue 3)

Table of Contents

Exercise: Another Way to Beat the Blues  by Jenny Bo
Protecting our Athletes:   Sudden Death is Preventable  by Robert Carter
Napping may help you more than you think  by William Cooper
Greek Life 101: What defines hazing? by Chris Groh
Foodborne Illness:  An Underestimated Danger on College Campuses by Doug Friedman
“Pour me another!” – A small dose of how alcohol addiction can affect us all  by Bruno Gugelmin
HIV at Duke: It’s Closer Than You Think  by Peter North
A Dangerous Drug: Using Ecstasy and losing memory by Janine Pierson
Reduce stress and avoid the “Freshmen 15” by Swee San Tan


Ecstasy: A Brain-Damaging Experience by Remi Vialda

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