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Science and Hollywood

(Volume 3, Issue 1)

Table of Contents

Scared of the T-rex? Don’t Be by Byron Alvarez
Run, Frank “The Tank”, Run  by Jared Baumgart
Steel drum science by Robert Campbell
Careless Carbs Cost Lives  by Jack Cator
Reading Magazines = Anorexia or Bulimia? by Christy Choi
Diets, Diets Everywhere:  Comparing Atkin’s, South Beach,
and Dr. Phil’s by Ryan Jones
Atkins Diet: Are You Aware of the Health Risks?
by Kasey Lundquist
The Game of Weight Loss:  Are Low-Carb Diets Effective Players? 
by Brett Morrell
GATTACA: The Future of Genetic Engineering? by Symon Perriman
Can Robots Have Babies? The Beginning of Robotic Self-Reproduction by Monica Zhang


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