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Professional Writing Course (ENV 466)

NOTE: These modules were created for use in courses taught by Dr. Julie Reynolds at Duke University. If you are not in one of my courses, you are welcome to use these modules to guide your development as a writer. However, please be aware that you may find some of the instructions to be irrelevant or inscrutable to independent users.

Writing Module #1: Writing as a process -- outlines and drafts, reverse outlines, organization
Writing Module #2: Who's my audience? How to engage your readers
Writing Module #3: Reviewing the work of others
Writing Module #4: Revision -- Beyond proofreading, learning to self-edit
Writing Module #5: Coherence and cohesion: Linking words and ideas, flow, transitions
Writing Module #6: Clarity of argument
Writing Module #7: Clarity of sentences
Writing Module #8: Clarity of words