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Volume 2 (Fall 2003)
The Devil's Advocate: A First-Year Student's Survival Guide to Life at Duke


 “The challenge in transformative explanation is to explain scholarly or scientific notions compellingly, while acknowledging that they are nonetheless open to critique” 

Katherine Rowan


What does it take to communicate complex scientific discoveries to the public?  Students in Dr. Julie Reynolds’ first-year writing class at Duke University accepted the challenge of communicating recent scientific discoveries to an audience of their peers.  The resulting essays are both informative and engaging.  Enjoy!

Table of contents


A healthy alternate to coffee and coke: Got Tea? 
by Lee Fan
Getting to the bottom of the beer belly
by Arway Boker
Drinking your way to a lower GPA: 
The effects of alcohol consumption on academic statistics
by Jordan Komisarow
Who drinks the most, Greeks or Jocks? 
by Matt Wilson
Alchohol and caffeine:  To mix or not to mix? 
by David Polebaum
Five minutes for washboard abs and higher self-esteem
by Alex Feinberg
An eye for computers:  Study shows that just looking at a computer can have serious effects on your eyes
  by Frank Coleman
Reducing Stress in Five Minutes or Less
by Denise Lopez Domowicz
Here comes the flu
by Moriah Daughtery
Meningococcal:  Learn to pronounce the disease first,
and then get vaccinated
  by Mike Mercer
Is hygiene simply a matter of choice?
Hidden danger for college students 
by Tony Aikens
Safe sex, safe after all 
by Diana Perez


You are probably doing the sleep thing wrong: 
A new argument for a full night's rest 
by Karthik Balasubramanian
Nap Time: How much quality time with the pillow? 
by Robert Kurland
Work hard, play hard, sleep hard? 
by Eric Overton
A Sleep to Remember
by Bineyam Tafesse
Sleep NOW! Before its too LATE! 
by Jingyuan Wu
Napping 101 
Instructor: Alex Shum


This heat is killing me! 
by Matthew Blum
A Shower To Die For?  Studies have shown this daily activity may increase the risk of developing cancer 
by Jordan Sadowsky
Keeping Your Computer Hacker Free and Away From OIT
by Benjamin Wolf
Making money on campus:  The best strategies to win in gambling 
by Joel Gotkin
Mark your territory:  Treat your roommates like baboons
by Charles Wang

For more information, contact Julie Reynolds at julie.a.reynolds at duke.edu