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Are you ready to get out there and map some invasive plants?  In the fall and winter of 2008, we want to focus our effort on mapping Chinese privet
Here is a list of the trails that we need data for:
Dunnigan Trail
Pump Station Trail
Pea Creek Trail
Cole Mill Trail
Bobbitt's Hole Trail
Cox Mountain Trail
Fanny's Ford Trail
Eno Trace Trail
Buckquarter Creek Trail
Ridge Trail
Holden Mill Trail
Knight and Piedmont Trails
Shakori Trail
Laurel Bluffs Trail
Cabe Lands Trail
Eno Quarry Trail
We need at least two people to map each trail, and I will update this list throughout the season.  Good luck stalking those plants, and thanks in advance for your hard work.

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Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense